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Pics of Graycie and my granddaughter.

Love of our life


Our little Graycie (formerly Bree) came to us well socialized. She loves people, everyone. She is very active and is a total sweetheart. We have had her 2 months now and couldn't be happier. Mr. Lapp made our dreams come true. Graycie loves our walks and goes with me everywhere. Loves riding in the car. Mr. Lap is a conscientious and caring breeder who cares greatly for his puppies and their parents. I would buy another puppy from him!

Bubba (Jasper) from litter 03/25/2022


My Bubba is now coming up on 10 months soon. He is so smart, friendly, loves cuddling, and just a beautiful dog all together. I may be a returning customer for another pup/dog to accompany my boy soon. They do good business and have their pups vet-checked

Thank you for our new best friend!


Thank you Mr. Lapp! We have nothing but good things to say about you and your family. John was extremely fast at responding to our calls and questions. We have had our new boston terrier for almost two months now and we love him so much he is a happy and healthy boy. Our neighbor even went and got our boys, sister from Mr. Lapp a week later! Our boys name was Midnight and we renamed him Theo! Thank you John and family for everything we are so thankful for our new best friend! If any of Theos siblings from the 8/30/2022 liter see this and wanna connect my email is thaley1@comcast.net

Thank you for our new family member


We recently purchased a Boston Terrier from Mr. Lapp and our experience was beyond excellent. We were cautious about going to a breeder since our previous dog was a retired champion show dog (Bullmastiff) from a friend and was perfect in our eyes. We were very hesitant to bring a new dog into our home, especially from a breeder we didn’t know. Well, we have had our new puppy for two weeks and we are beyond thrilled with our puppy, with Mr. Lapp and the Lapp family. First, Mr. Lapp was very responsive to our calls and communicated openly. He told us what he knew and didn’t know. He got back to us when he said he would and was honest and forthright through the whole process. When we arrived at the Lapp farm we were thrilled to be greeted by two of the puppies featured on the website, two extraordinarily trained German Shepherds as well as Mr. Lapp’s four children (roughly 4 years old - about 12) Mr. Lapp took a moment to come meet us as he was working elsewhere on the property. So we had a few minutes to see all of the puppies while we waited. The Boston Terrier we came to see was in a pen with his two siblings. They all appeared happy and healthy. We could immediately see that all of these dogs were used to being outside and around people. The older puppies ran around the grass freely while the younger three Boston Terriers were in the playpen. The young children were playing with the dogs and corralling them if they went to far. They all looked healthy, socialized and the older dogs were well trained. These dogs were very comfortable with the children and with the other dogs. We were able to meet our puppy’s mother and play with all of the dogs as well. It was an ideal scenario in a picturesque setting and we cannot be more grateful for Max, the new addition to our family. Max is excellent around people, especially children, and loves the few other dogs he’s encountered (he still needs his shots). He is also a gorgeous, well behaved dog. He gets compliments constantly. We could not have found a better companion. Thank you to John Lapp and his whole family! We could not be happier with Max and with our experience at your farm.

Thank you


We are going to call the dog Bandit Oliver. He’s a good little dog and seems very happy.

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